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I serve those who serve the guest! 

Training restaurant and hospitality professionals on how they can do what they love safely.

We are talking about ServSafe certification training by a ServSafe® Certified Instructor and Registered Proctors who provides you with information you can use right now to get a higher health inspection score and better reviews!



November 8, 2023

ServSafe® Food Manager Course & Exam

Revival Co-working Space

November 15, 2023

ServSafe® Food Manager Course & Exam

Revival Co-working Space

November 29, 2023

ServSafe® Food Manager Course & Exam

Revival Co-working Space

December 6, 2023

ServSafe® Food Manager Course & Exam

Revival Co-working Space

Free Food Safety Management System Review

This is a review of the current food safety management system. Reese Jackson will talk with leadership about the 8 fundamental pieces to a successful food safety management system.
- Personal Hygiene Training
- ServSafe Food Manager & Food Handler
- Quality Control & Assurance
- Facility, Design & Equipment Maintenance
- Pest Control
- Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs)
- Supplier Selection & Specification

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ServSafe® Certification Training!

Savor Training Co. is a passionate, energizing, inspiring food safety certification training resource for everyone. My purpose is to change lives by leading restaurant professionals to totally commit to safe food, love the art of creation, and love learning as one industry that serves the world. The ServSafe Certification program is made to achieve these goals and more. 

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Hi, I’m Reese Jackson

Certified ServSafe® Food Safety Manager – Instructor & Proctor and I help restaurant owners, managers, and hospitality professionals improve their food safety program using the latest information provided by the FDA, CDC, and National Restaurant Association. 

Peace, Love, & Good Eats.


Learning Experiences are fun, engaging, career-changing gatherings with a passionate ServSafe Certification instructor, the latest material, and more all in one-day format.

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ServSafe® Foodhandler Course & Exam

FREE Food Safety Management System Review


Erica Blair


Savor Training Company is a great service. Quick and easy access to food safety training and certification. Reese makes everything easy to understand and always points out the areas each establishment should work on. She's an asset for the highest health code scores!

Lamont Evan,
Rocketfarm Restaurants


Reese has so much patience and knowledge surrounding health and safety. Her thoroughness allows everyone to be very attentive and engaging and we all learn. Thank you for everything I have learned within this program. I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn and educate themselves about health and safety!!!


Allison Namie


Savor Training is a true asset to the food and beverage industry in Atlanta. Reese is incredible. The food safety programs are professional, extremely through, and offer very flexible scheduling. It was a pleasure to work with Reese and I cannot recommend this company enough!


--- GRA Preferred ServSafe®️ Instructor & Proctor ---

Georgia Restaurant Association

This is a organization that helps the hospitality industry to thrive and get the support they need. If you want your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar to thrive you should be a member of the GRA! 

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